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Museum Exhibits

So much to see

200+ Vehicles

Enjoy 170+ vintage and classic vehicles on display in our large museum!

Allow Ample Time

With so much to see, most visitors spend a minimum of 1 1/2 hours in the Museum, so when planning your visit, please allow yourself ample time.

Highly Accessible

Strollers, wheelchairs, and motorized scooters are available for use at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

Record Your Visit!

We do permit photography for non-commercial purposes, so don’t forget your camera or video recorder.

Check out our exhibits

Spend hours admiring our collection of vintage automobiles and local history!

Pre-War Collection

A collection of vehicles including electric, steam and combustion engines. This historical display is educational and remarkable. Vehicles include Knox, Model T, Scripps Booth, Hupmobile, Duesenberg, Packard and 1930 Henderson motorcycle to name a few.

Post-War Collection

Vehicles from the late 40’s through 1980’s. If you like fins and chrome, this exhibit is for you! Cars like Desoto, Studebaker, Windsor, Nash, Crosley, and Hudson. Muscle Cars are included in this room such as Super Bee & Road Runner to name a couple.

Fabulous Franklins

George Staley had a large collection of Franklins, made in NY with air cooled engines. We have the largest collection on display including the 3rd one ever built and the last. This luxury car was made from 1902-1934.

Made in New York

This exhibit shows our NY Pride with examples of vehicles made all over NY State. Examples include the Playboy, Mora, O-we-go and Pierce Arrow to name a few. We even have a Chenango Camper!

Vintage Motorcycles

Our Vintage Motorcycles Exhibit showcases some of the most significant and popular motorcycles ever created, including the a Henderson Streamliner. Check out some of the popular brands such as Indian, Harley Davison, and Scout!

WWI & WWII Airplane Engines

George Staley developed a fascination with aircraft engines in Aviation school. We now have several examples in the museum for you to enjoy such as the 18-cylinder R-3350 Turbo B-29 Super Fortress Bomber Engine. A similar early model of this engine was used in the Enola Gay.

Tribute to Bennett-Ireland

Dedicated to all the companies that once operated out of our building and on State Street, Norwich, NY. From the Norwich Wire Works to the Ireland Machine and Foundry Co., Bennett Fireplace Company, and Bennett-Ireland, to the multi-national museum that this is today: Northeast Classic Car Museum. This exhibit is brought to you by the Chenango County Historical Society with funding from the Turner Family in the name of John B. Turner, Jr.

Motion From Across the Ocean

The Motion from Across the Ocean Exhibit has some very rare and iconic foreign sports cars dating from the 1950’s to 2000’s